HORI-ZONE Pistol Crossbow Redback RTS

Artikelnummer: HZ-PCB-RTS

Kategorie: Pistolen-Armbrust


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HORI-ZONE Redback RTS Pistol Crossbow

 The Redback crossbow regular package: (Available in All Black and Green-Black)

  • Sturdy tough design which creates impulse buying.
  • Shoots with 235 fps (much higher than the current market)
  • BCY string like full size crossbows which has a far better consistency and lifespan than the existing ones
  • Soft grip handle and trigger
  • Patented ambidextrous safety system on top of the crossbow instead of next to the cable
  • Dry fire protection
  • Comes Ready to shoot with fully adjustable sights, bolts (3), tools and with easy stringer system: a cables that let?s you install the string easily an safely.  
  • High quality box with see trough window(picture attached)
  • Extra long picatinny rail for mounting accessories underneath the pistol

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