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APEX GEAR? is proud to introduce their most advanced single?pin sight to date, the COVERT? PRO. Harnessed in the sights housing is the all?new PWR?DOT? ILLUMINATED CENTER?DOT TECHNOLOGY.This new technology gives you an adjustable green LED center dot with 11 brightness settings providing you superior long?distance accuracy. The aperture housing also allows for easy vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments for more fine?tuning options.
  • Ultra smooth easy one?hand adjustments.
  • GRAVITY?LINE? rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity.
  • Includes over 60 pre?marked yardage tapes to simplify setup.
  • Rear?facing, easy?to?see yardage tape location.
  • Perfect for any light conditions.
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Bracket incorporates dampened end?of?travel stops.
  • Adjustable yardage pointer.
  • Adjustable for left and right handed users.
  • Patent Pending.

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